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Proposal for French Memorial at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park

The installation is generated from forms and imagery suggesting mutual defence and protection and co-operation and growth. The defensive structure is intended to be reminiscent of WW1 anti-personnel and anti-tank installations, now strung with tendrils of vegetation (with species relating to both countries). The structures (which require mutual support of their elements for their integrity) also have connotations of fallen crosses, stacked rifles at rest, the Tricolour, the Union Jack and the Southern Cross. The ground is built up within the plot and is planted in wildflowers and selected natives of both countries. The assembly is built over a shallow duck-boarded trench with inscriptions set into the cut. Construction is of rough sawn 250x250x6000 timbers, simply connected and carefully founded to give the impression of being lightly grounded. Budding tendrils of forged iron, entwine the timber and sprouts from it, lightly connecting the timbers in the manner of barbed wire – now an image of growth and connection



IMG_1778 Colour.jpg
IMG_1787 A.jpg
29 June 2016 1.jpg
29 June 2016 2.jpg
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